We believe in living a self-determined life, connecting directly with the natural elements, and the wild magic contained within plants, animals, and landscape that is to be discovered when you allow them to chart the path. This is why we work our small scale farmstead the old fashioned way -without chemicals or petroleum intensive machines -only farming practices that help to enhance the land, the environment, the wildlife, and the people that dwell on it. We believe in honoring the spirit of our ancestors and all who came before us. Of slowing. Of breathing. Of being here now. Of work, of play, of presence. We believe in the great promise of positivity. That the Universe will eventually return to you what you have put into it.

The Kirk Estate features a collection of our homegrown organics, handmade cold process soaps, small batch apothecary, sacred collections, and original music, born in the 19th century haunted farmhouse in Upstate New York that we call home. We are its current caretakers: wife and husband team Jen O'Connor + Eric Krans. In 2006, Jen became the fifth generation of Kirk lineage to live at the farmhouse and its surrounding 5 1/2 acres. Since our arrival we have added over 3,000 square feet of organic vegetable gardens, a dozen additional fruit trees, grapes, hops, herbs, and extensive flower gardens. It is our ultimate goal to grow and preserve this land that has been in my family since 1904, always with respect and honor of the environment, and the wild magic it contains, at our forefront.