Custom Herbal Consultation

Custom Herbal Consultation


When our spiritual energy falls out of balance -due to illness, loss, misfortune, or simply not feeling like ourselves, intentional herbal remedies can be a healing, empowering, and energy shifting experience.

Sometimes life is complicated. A custom consultation gives you the privacy and freedom to express your desires and intentions, resulting in blends that are custom made for you.

+what it includes+

Via email I will provide you with a list of questions to aid in the creation of your blends. I will follow up with you regarding any clarifying questions I have to assure you receive blends that are right for your needs. Please be as vague or specific as you wish. Recognize that the more honest you are in expressing your intentions, the more accurate your blends will be. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to divulge private personal information. It simply means being honest with YOURSELF about why you are searching for healing or spiritual guidance. Please note that while all information is strictly confidential these exchanges do occur over the internet. Please use personal discretion.

After your personal consult you will receive a one card reading using The Wild Unknown’s Animal Spirit Deck. Use this reading as a meditation or as your animal spirit guide throughout this journey of intention setting. What is this animal trying to convey to you?

Based on your consult a custom made bath blend will be created for you made with our own organically grown herbs most suited to fit your intentions. Intentional baths help to restore the flow of energy through the deep healing forces of immersion and meditative intention setting. Herbs can be slowly added to bath water or herbal steam while your personal intentions are spoken aloud. Feel these intentions in your heart and spirit. Your herbal healing bath will come with a detailed instruction booklet, outlining each of the herbs that have been included in your blend as well as the intentions they represent. Suggestions on how to receive the most healing from your intentional bath are also included.

Based on your consult a custom made healing serum will be created for you from pure essential and plant based oils. Healing serums help give us a consistent space to set our personal intentions. When we add serum to a healing bath or apply serums to the body during a daily ritual, we speak aloud our intentions, feeling them in our heart and spirit. An important spiritual practice to shift energies and meditate on the grounding of one’s self. 

Burning herb bundles or smudges has long been a sacred act. Smudging helps to purify a space, cleanse negative energy, and helps to set the intentions of the specific herbs used. Based on your consultation, a selection of herbs will be chosen for your smudge. These smudges are handcrafted by us using our own organically grown heirloom herbs. These herbs were sustainably harvested and the land they were grown on was treated with respect and care. As with all fire + smoke, never leave smudges unattended.

While we believe that our intentional serums, bath blends, and smudges do help to heal the soul, they are not intended to treat or cure any illness, misfortune, or malady. Intended for external use only.
I am not a doctor and I do not claim to have the ability to heal, protect, prevent, or otherwise cast spells on you or others.

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