Intentional Healing Bath: self-love + compassion

Intentional Healing Bath: self-love + compassion

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Water is a powerful, healing element. When our spiritual energy falls out of balance -due to illness, loss, or misfortune, an intentional, immersive bath can be an incredibly healing, empowering, and energy shifting experience. Intentional baths help to restore the flow of energy through the deep healing forces of immersion and meditative intention setting.

This blend was created using over a dozen of our own organic herbs and others specially collected and hand dried by us. This collection was created specifically for those focusing self-love and compassion. Our healing baths come in an elegant and reusable 6 oz. glass jar with a list of included herbs and the intentions they represent, such as:

  • basil: love, protection, prosperity, happiness, peace

  • evening primrose: self- acceptance, confidence, center, truth, acknowledging our needs

  • fern: protection, positivity, shelter, confidence

  • passion flower: friendship, prosperity, peace, rest, protection, sleep protection, love, understanding, passion, calm

  • rose: love, healing broken heart, welcoming of souls, manifestation

The most important aspect of a healing herbal bath is your personal intention. Slowly add herbs to bath water or herbal steam and speak aloud your intentions. Feel these intentions in your heart and spirit.

Try not to preoccupy your thoughts with matching each herb with its intention, if you prefer to do this, identification is recommended beforehand. It matters less that the herbs you add match the reading of their intentions, more that the totality of your personal intentions are imbued in the bath.

Burning candles and or incense and playing soothing music can help add to a relaxing atmosphere. Take your time, center yourself, be as open as possible. Allow the herbs and their healing energies to wash over you, immersing you in the power of your intentions.

Please note that while we believe intentional baths do help to heal the soul, they are not intended to treat or cure any illness, misfortune, or malady.

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