Environmental Effects



  • It takes five times the amount of energy to produce liquid soap as it does bar soap. Handmade bar soaps require even less energy.

  • Switching from liquid soap to handmade bar soap reduces the amount of plastics in the environment, not to mention reducing the amount of chemicals in the environment. With minimal, 100% recyclable/compostable packaging, our cold process soaps are a great zero waste solution for those of us striving to reduce our footprint.

  • Many personal care products are packaged in petrochemical plastic. Our cold process soaps and apothecary items employ zero plastic in their packaging. Our soaps are packaged with recyclable, unbleached paper, and printed in-house, thus further reducing the carbon footprint of our packaging. Our balms and salves are housed in reusable and recyclable tins.

  • Some personal care products even contain plastics and petrochemicals as part of their ingredients. These plastics and petrochemicals are known to pollute our waterways. While Congress has passed a law banning the manufacturing of these products, it is not yet illegal to sell those that are already on the market. The ingredients in our products are 100% natural and bio-degradable. Exfoliation comes from plants, not from plastic.

Jen O'Connor