About our offerings

We are an heirloom farmstead. We believe in living a self-determined life and connecting directly with the natural elements. We believe in the wild magic contained within plants, animals, and landscape when you allow them to chart the path. We believe in honoring the spirit of our ancestors and all who came before us. Of work, of play, of presence. Here at our farmstead we grow all of our flowers, herbs, and vegetables organically. The herbs used in our soaps, apothecary + sacred collections have been grown here, and all seeds were grown on our farm. 

Our packaging + waste philosophy

Because the environment is important to us, we do our very best to produce as little waste as possible, turning all farm waste into compost for our gardens and using recyclable or post-consumer waste recycled packaging for our shipping products. Shipping envelopes are SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Certified, upcycled bubble wrap is used whenever possible, and new bubble wrap is made from 40% recycled content. Any packing supplies are reused, and are biodegradable whenever possible. Thank you for continuing to recycle on your end.

Printed receipts and planting instructions

In an environmental effort to save ink and paper, a printed invoice is not included with your order. If you would like a receipt to be included with your purchase please make a note of that before your item is shipped.

Planting instructions are included under each listing. Printed instructions are available by selecting the option for our planting information postcard. A beautiful postcard including the main listing photo for each seed variety, plus detailed planting instructions on the back.

About our seeds

Because our seeds are separated by hand and not machine, expect to see some plant chaff mixed in with your seeds. This organic plant matter will break down naturally in the soil. All of our seeds and herbs are grown using organic, sustainable, and natural farming practices. No fertilizers or chemicals are ever used. Plants are only fed homemade compost, sun, rain, and limited Village water when necessary. Seeds are packaged in 100% recyclable kraft envelopes in order to reduce the amount of waste that surrounds our products.

Storing and planting your seed

Seeds are hand packed to ensure you receive only the healthiest seeds. Familiarize yourself with growing conditions and instructions for your seeds before you plant them, as all seeds are different. Basic growing instructions can be found under each listing. Be sure to keep your seeds well watered after you plant them to ensure proper germination. Keep your seeds alive by storing them properly: keep your seeds in a dark, cool place (40-50 degrees F) with low-humidity. Never store seed in a warm, humid, or sunny spot. Stored properly, most seed will last for several years.

About our soap

Our soap is made the old fashioned way in small batches here at the Kirk Estate, using the cold process method and a combination of natural and organic vegetable oils as well as organic herbs from our farmstead. All of our soap is free of dyes and animal byproducts and has a light natural scent.

NaOH, Sodium hydroxide, or lye is the base, or chemical compound, that causes saponification. Saponification is the natural reaction that transforms oils and fats into soap. Much like baking a cake will never have raw egg in it, sodium hydroxide will never be in a finished bar of soap. It has reacted with the oils and has been chemically changed to form soap and glycerin. True handmade soap can not be made without lye.

Because soaps are made in small batches using only natural ingredients which vary from season to season, the size, shape, color, and scent of each soap bar may vary slightly and from batch to batch. Please allow for minor irregularities. Soaps are labeled with the name of the soap as well as a list of ingredients. We print our labels in house on 100% recyclable paper that was made in the USA. 

Handmade soap lasts longer if it is kept away from direct streams of water and is stored in a draining soap dish.  Cold process soap is best stored open to the air. It is important to allow natural moisture to evaporate as storing in plastic may cause soap to spoil.

My soap is sweating, is that normal?

It is normal for handmade soap to sweat lightly when it can't breathe or when it is hot and humid. Once you receive your soap, unwrap it and place in a cool, dry place to allow any excess moisture to evaporate.

Required FDA disclaimer

As required by the FDA, we do not make any claims regarding the cosmetic or health related properties of our products. Although only natural ingredients are used, always test on a small area before using liberally.