Planting Instructions

These seeds that are cold and hard and seemingly without life are alive. They are wild magic.  Place them in the soil, allow them to have light and warmth and water. Watch them come to life. Watch them sustain life. Watch them create new life.

Our seeds are hand packed to ensure you receive only the healthiest stock. Familiarize yourself with growing conditions and instructions for your seeds before you plant them, as all seeds are different. Basic growing instructions can be found at the bottom of each seed's individual shop listing. 

Prior to planting keep your seeds alive by storing them properly. Keep your seeds in a dark, cool place (40-50 degrees F) with low-humidity. Store your seed packets in a dark, cool closet, or sealed in an air tight container in the refrigerator. Never store seed in a warm, humid, or sunny spot. Stored properly, most seed will last for several years. It is important to keep seeds well watered after you plant them to ensure proper germination. Seeds may die if they dry out after having begun the germination process.

Because our seeds are separated by hand and not machine, expect to see some plant chaff mixed in with your seeds. This organic plant matter will break down naturally in the soil. All of our seeds and herbs are grown using organic, sustainable, and natural farming practices. No fertilizers or chemicals are ever used. Plants are only fed homemade compost, sun, rain, and limited Village water when necessary. Seeds are packaged in 100% recyclable kraft envelopes in order to reduce the amount of waste that surrounds our products.