Jen O'Connor

Jen is the vision behind The Kirk Estate; principal farmer, creator, and curator of the haunted 19th century family farmstead. Jen oversees the farm, managing projects ranging from curating our seed collections, to designing and maintaining the organic gardens. Jen is the artisan behind our soap, apothecary, and sacred collections. These handcrafted items originate from Jen’s original recipes created from tested techniques and age old herbal properties.

Jen designed and curated the farmhouse, combining the house’s original heirloom elements with her own designs. The house has been described as “a living museum” and showcases the artworks of five generations. Her design aesthetic has been showcased around the region at music festivals, private events, photo shoots, and in-home as well as business design.


Eric Krans

Eric’s optimism, perseverance, and vision are an essential aspect to The Kirk Estate. Eric maintains the health and vigor of the permaculture at The Kirk Estate as well as helping to set the overall vision. He tends over two dozen fruit bearing trees and bushes, helping to keep them free from pests and disease, and thinning them to produce healthy fruit. Eric cares for the small experimental vineyard and hops bines, maintains the tools and machinery, and manages larger projects such as building and structure construction and landscape design.


Carol Kirk O'Connor

Carol is a fourth generation Kirk, having lived at The Kirk Estate for a short time in the 1970s. (And she is Jen's mom!) She is an essential part of our herb and seed harvesting, processing, and collection. Carol has mastered the Zen-like practice of getting to the bottom of a giant bushel basket in mere hours, meticulously separating our seeds and herbs by hand. Over the course of a season Carol processes dozens of bushel baskets, giant paper bags, and jars filled with wispy dry beans, spiky echinacea heads, enlivening peppermint, delicate bachelor buttons, and savory oregano. Making each seed and herb in our shop not only grown by hand, tended by hand, and harvested by hand, but also processed by hand.