Custom Herbal
Consultation Survey

Custom Herbal Consultation Survey

There are many reasons you might be seeking a custom herbal consultation. Sometimes when our spiritual energy falls out of balance -due to illness, loss, misfortune, or simply not feeling like ourselves, intentional herbal remedies can be a healing, empowering, and energy shifting experience. Or perhaps you are simply interested in strengthening your relationship with plants and learning about how they can guide you throughout your life, bringing you strength, peace, and joy. 

A custom consultation gives you the freedom to express your desires and intentions, resulting in blends that are custom made for you. Answering these questions should be fun and not stressful. If any question is causing you stress simply answer as best you can and move on.

Please be as vague or specific as you wish. Recognize that the more honest you are in expressing your intentions, the more accurate your blends will be. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to divulge private personal information. It simply means being honest with YOURSELF about why you are searching for healing or guidance. Please note that while all information is strictly confidential these exchanges do occur over the internet. Please use personal discretion.

Complete your herbal consult survey below

Name *
1.) Are you searching for herbal guidance for a specific problem or issue (health/loss/misfortune/etc) or are you interested in using herbs to uplift you in your daily life but not for a specific purpose? *
2.) If you are looking for help for a specific issue, what is it? (check all that apply) *
please list between 1-5
please list between 1-5
6.) What is your relationship with plants? *
7.) How have you used herbs for physical healing before? (check all that apply) *
8.) How have you used herbs for spiritual/emotional healing before? (check all that apply) *
9.) How often do you create a sacred space for yourself? (Sacred space means doing anything that brings you peace and joy. It could mean taking a walk in nature, meditating, lighting a candle, taking a bath, or reading a book. As long as you are slowing your mind and your breathing, this is sacred space). *
10.) Have you ever received a message from nature? Messages can come in the form of coincidences or unexpected animal visitors. Did you have a dream about a hawk and then see one on your way to work? Did you witness an interesting insect crawling on the ground you've never seen before or see a plant blooming you never noticed before? *

Thank you for completing your Custom Herbal Consultation Survey!

I will follow up with you regarding any clarifying questions I might have to assure you receive blends that are right for your needs. You can rest assured that any information you have provided will remain private and will be used solely to provide you with personalized herbal blends.

Please note: This survey is step one in your custom herbal consultation. If you have not purchased a consultation feel free to do so in our shop. xo.