Animal Spirit Reading

Animal Spirit Reading



Animal Spirit readings are similar to traditional tarot readings, except that instead of using standard tarot symbolism they incorporate animals from each element: EARTH, FIRE, AIR, WATER and SPIRIT.

You will receive a one card reading using The Wild Unknown’s Animal Spirit Deck. Use this reading as a meditation or as your animal spirit guide for this moment in your life. What is this animal trying to convey to you?

Your animal spirit reading will be emailed to you and will include beautiful color graphics of the card that was selected for you. In addition you will receive the description of the meaning behind your card as provided by The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Guidebook, as well as analysis tips, and detailed instructions on how to best prepare your internal and external space for a reading.

Each reading is done in real time. This means that I create a sacred space in my home and in my heart for you. I hold you, and any intentions you have expressed to me, in my heart prior to pulling your card. Once your card has been pulled a message will be sent to you with your reading.

"The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck is an exploration of our inner contradictions, our complex natures, and the endless mystery of who we are. We start this exploration by looking outside ourselves and asking Mother Nature for guidance. What can we learn from the great creatures who have inhabited our planet since the dawn of time? What can we learn from the slow, stealth nature of the Crocodile? What message does the Hummingbird tell us about savoring the sweetness of life? The essence of all sixty-three creatures [contained within the deck] is within us, just as we are in them. The human experience is infinitely vast, as is the wisdom buried in every crevice of the natural world." -The Wild Unknown

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