Bulk Flower Seeds; organic + heirloom

Bulk Flower Seeds; organic + heirloom

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One bulk listing filled with wild magic: heirloom organic seeds grown and collected by hand on our small scale farm. For expert and aspiring gardeners. An environmentally conscious alternative to conventional seed.

Some seeds have not been processed, so bag may include full seed pods or full flower heads chock full of seed. All seed is from a previous season with a high germination rate. Seeds have been marked down since they are not the most recent seed stock.

Seeds come in a 4" x 6" muslin drawstring bag.
Four packets worth of organic heirloom seed. 
300+ seeds

In an effort to save on paper and ink, planting instructions can be found under each varieties individual listing. Printed instructions are available by selecting the option for our planting information postcard. A beautiful postcard including the main listing photo for the chosen seed variety, plus detailed planting instructions on the back.

planting information postcard:
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