Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds; organic + heirloom

Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds; organic + heirloom

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One seed packet filled with wild magic: heirloom organic seeds grown and collected by hand on our small scale farm. For expert and aspiring gardeners. An environmentally conscious alternative to conventional seed.

In an effort to save on paper and ink, planting instructions can be found below. Printed instructions are available by selecting the option for our planting information postcard. A beautiful postcard including the main listing photo for this seed variety, plus detailed planting instructions on the back.

planting information postcard:
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{buttercrunch lettuce}
Lactuca sativa
20+ seeds

Buttercrunch lettuce is a smooth, buttery lettuce, the perfect base or addition to any salad. 
How could lettuce taste so good?

{planting information}
Days to Maturity: 50
Lifecycle: annual
Sunlight: full sun-part shade
Height: 4-8"
Spread: 3-6" 

{how to plant} 
Lettuce can be sown as soon as the soil can be worked in early spring, sow a fall crop of lettuce in late July or early August for harvest throughout the early fall. Lettuce will begin bolting with the increase of summer temperatures. Scatter tiny seeds into a shallow furrow, 1/8" deep. Cover with loose soil and tamp down. Plants should be thinned with scissors until spacing is one plant every 9".

Seeds are packaged in 100% recycled, 20% post-consumer waste brown kraft envelopes. Thank you for recycling again.