Full Soap Loaf

Full Soap Loaf


This listing is for one made-to-order full loaf of our lightly scented cold process soap, pre-cut or uncut. The equivalent of 11 large bars of soap. All soaps are without labels. Please note that because this is made-to-order, and cold process soap takes 5 weeks to cure, please allow this much time for shipping.

If you go through as much soap as we do, this is the perfect way to stock up on high-quality, eco-friendly soap. Not only is cold process soap gentle, natural, and restorative, it also has a lower ecological impact on the earth than chemical detergents or plastic-intensive soap products. 

Soap loaves are best stored in a pantry or linen closet open to the air, wrapped or draped in a tea towel to protect from dust. It is important to allow natural moisture to evaporate from cold process soap. Storing in plastic may cause soap to spoil. 

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