Room + Body Spray

Room + Body Spray

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Our room + body sprays were inspired by the natural landscape here at The Kirk Estate. Star Falls was named after a waterfall just a short hike from our farm. Hemlock Grove, is an ancient collection of hemlocks you'll see on your journey to Star Falls. The Meadow is a nod to the rich flora + fauna that call our hillside home. Sunlight is an homage to the essential element that allows everything to flourish here on our farmstead.

We've hand blended aromatic essential oils with simple witch hazel to create our room + body spray. Use for freshening up rooms, cars, offices, or spritzing on yourself for a scented pick-me-up. Comes in an attractive 2 oz. plastic PET amber bottle with our house-printed label, lightweight and easy to carry in your bag. Test sprayer before applying to skin. 


  • the meadow: A heady floral scent. To sooth + calm.

  • star falls: An invigorating blend of mints and rosemary. To energize + reawaken.

  • sunlight: A citrus based scent. To brighten + enliven.

  • hemlock grove: An earthy, woodsy scent. To ground + center.

ingredients: witch hazel + a blend of essential oils

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 WITCH HAZEL:  Is a plant native to North America with strong antioxidant and astringent properties. This makes it great for killing bacteria that lives on skin’s pores. Witch Hazel also helps to reduce inflammation and redness, soothes wounds and sores, and helps reduce sweating and oily skin. It is a great carrier, helping to host hard working essential oils which also provide their own independent benefits.